Vin Diesel: “I'm not allowed to say anything about the Vision.”

Illustration for article titled Vin Diesel: “Im not allowed to say anything about the Vision.”

Do you want to know if Vin Diesel will be playing the Vision in the upcoming Marvel movies? So did one fan, who asked a question during today's Riddick panel at Comic-Con. Diesel's response? He's not allowed to talk about it.


When Diesel asked for one final question during the Riddick panel, a fan stepped up to the microphone and said, "It seems like every movie you're in, you become the face of that franchise, so I'm wondering, I guess the word is Vision? What's your Vision of the upcoming Marvel movies?"

Diesel laughed, "Why did I have to go ahead and say, 'Ask the question'? He asked the one question I'm not allowed to say anything about. Well, I will say there is some very big news coming at the end of this month."


As the audience cheered, Diesel added, "Poor Marvel."

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I'm indifferent to Vin Diesel...and to Vision if I'm honest...

but I HATE this kind of self serving, 'aw shucks, I can't really talk about that thing that I keep mentioning over and over again or the people who might -wink- have cast me as that thing will get mad...-chuckles-...but you can go ahead and ask me a direct question about it and I'll very cleverly slide away from a direct answer by directly answering the question without actually using the words...'


you want to play Vision, and everybody on the planet wants you to play Vision ever since you told us that you want to play Vision...and GUESS WHAT? you might be cast as Vision...

I'd love for Feige to issue a press release naming someone else in the roll and saying "It was going to be Vin Diesel but he wouldn't shut the fuck up about it."