Vin Diesel Holds The Missing Pieces Of BSG's Final Season

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Remember those Battlestar Galactica webisodes we were promised before the second half of the show's final season launches January 16? Turns out "webisodes" was sort of a misnomer. They're actually going to air on the Sci Fi Channel during the channel's showing of Pitch Black on January 15. (I guess they're "webisodes" in the sense that a ton of websites, including this one, will be posting them immediately afterwards.) The channel will also air a half-hour special, BSG: Essential Elements, on Sunday, Jan. 11. [Battlestar_Blog]


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Ok the title kind of scared me for a minute. I was afraid that it was going to be revealed that Vin was the last cylon. While I really like XXX and the Riddick movies, I don't think I could handle him as the last C. Although on second thought it could be interesting to see Riddick go head to head with every one.