Villains Spill Thor And Green Hornet Details!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Welcome back to spoiler-land! Actors shed light on the battles in Thor and Green Hornet. There are Crazies/Kick-Ass posters and Toy Story/Despicable Me trailers. Plus Lost, Doctor Who, Supernatural and Caprica.



Joseph Gatt, who plays an undisclosed villain in the movie, says it's very true to the comics, with a few differences to make it palatable to non-comic-fans. The sets are the most beautiful he's ever seen. Whoever he's playing, it's someone muscular and imposing, who has a lot of physical action. And he says the action sequences will be incredible:

Vic Armstrong is directing the second unit (action unit) and is most famous for bring the action to "Indiana Jones", "The Mummy", "Mission Impossible", "James Bond" etc. So thing... many characters, big sets and huge stunts!


[Comic Book Movie]

Anthony Hopkins (Odin) adds that it's a "really big movie," and he hopes he looks like God in it. [Sci Fi Wire]

And the movie is in negotiations for permission to film a scene involving six horses on a beach. [Del Mar Times via Comic Book Resources]

Green Hornet:

Christoph Waltz plays mafia boss Chudnofsky, who wants to unite all of L.A.'s gangs into a "supermafia." And he describes the reason for the friction between his character and Green Hornet:

Well, because he's a competitor. There's a misunderstanding between the two of them and they have to sort it out through the course of the movie. They do sort it out through the course of the movie, but unfortunately it happens fatally for one of them and it wasn't Seth.


[Superhero Hype]

The Crazies:

Here's another new poster. Are you feeling crazy yet? [ShockTillYouDrop]

Despicable Me:

A new international trailer borrows from the opening sequence of Reservoir Dogs, oddly enough. [Times Online via Cinemablend]


Get Hit Girl's bootprint on your backside with this new UK poster. [Cinemablend]


Actor Deborah Twiss describes her role in this film:

Mrs. Zane is the teacher of Dave Liziewski (Aaron Johnson). The funny part is Mrs. Zane is a total nerdy lady with big glasses and frumpy clothes yet Dave fantasizes about her.


[Comicus.It via Comic Book Resources]

Toy Story 3:

And here's the UK trailer for Toy Story 3, including a bit of new footage. [Slashfilm]


Here are some set pics from the filming of Jack's visit to Bernard's dental office. Plus the preparation of an elaborate set at Kualoa Ranch, which looks like a stone cottage. [Hawaii on Flickr via SpoilersLost]


Yunjin Kim says Sun and Jin remain separated on the Island for most of the season — although the tenth episode showcases their lives together in the L.A.-verse. Also, Kim predicts one or the other of them will die in the end, just to make it dramatic. [TV Guide Magazine]

Doctor Who:

There's some fairly convincing speculation that Liz Ten, the character Sophie Okonedo plays in episode two, is actually Queen Elizabeth the Tenth of a future United Kingdom, which is located in space. [GallifreyBase]



We've mentioned the upcoming episode 5x19 , "OMFG" aka "Hammer Of The Gods," featuring Kali and Baldur. Now here's some set video, including Castiel. [Supernatural Locations]


Here are a couple new clips from Friday's episode, "Gravedancing". [Galactica Sitrep]



A new clip from Friday's episode shows Lois trying on Martha Kent's wedding dress. [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Josh C. Snyder.


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Caprica orgies! Dancing Cylons!

Seriously, y'all need to put the LOST spoilers separately. I'm tired of reading them by accident while scrolling.