Villains Are Taking Control of the Friday Gif Party

Things are about to get a bit shocking.
Image: Sony Pictures

This week’s Friday gif party is about to get a little...evil. In celebration of Jamie Foxx possibly joining Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3 as Electro, as well as finally entering the spookiest month of the year, we’re letting the villains take over.


Be sure to leave a gif of your favorite villains doing their thing. Whether it’s a superhero’s arch nemesis attacking the city, Disney’s classic evil-doers threatening true love, or even that one guy from the one movie that you didn’t like that much. Just please try and avoid the villains we’re having to deal with in real life, okay? Look I get it, they suck really bad, but this is a happy place. One where heroes always win in the end.

Even if it doesn’t always seem that way, like when the Disney villains took over the House of Mouse. On Halloween. You know what I’m gonna share the video because it’s stupid fun and we deserve that today.

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