It's just like the good old days when you couldn't launch a new toy line without there being an attendant Saturday morning cartoon series. Electronic Arts has announced that fans of their upcoming new SF/horror game Dead Space will have an animated prequel to watch while flexing their fingers in anticipation.

EA has formed a partnership with Starz Media to bring two different flavors of animated prequel to potential fans before the game is released at the end of this year. Spinning out of the current Image Comics prequel series, the animated movie will premiere in relative all-ages form on the Starz Channel in late September before being released as a re-edited, "harder", DVD through Anchor Bay Entertainment in October for those who like their cartoon heroes to swear and bleed.


The movie will be the first in a series of EA games to be adapted, according to Starz' David Greenberg:

We felt this one was the best one to launch with... We're really looking for this to be an event. We feel we'll attract the hardcore gamer, but we'll also get sci-fi and animation fans as well.

The game itself launches in late October, allowing you the chance to shoot all the space zombies you can handle.


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