Videodrome Reboot Should Include James Woods, Since He's Not Busy

Illustration for article titled Videodrome Reboot Should Include James Woods, Since Hes Not Busy

David Cronenberg's Videodrome is getting the obligatory remake treatment. Universal is set to reboot the picture, with or without Cronenberg. I'm for this remake, if and only if they delve deeper into the bizarre tortures (how timely) and include the crazed James Woods. Transformers 2 co-writer Ehren Kruger is writing and producing, with Daniel Bobker.[Variety]

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Remakes. Remake after remake I consider the idea that I may just stay away from the likes of Rottentomatoes and Fandango, and just live off of the last few decades of cinema.

Instead of redoing classics, how's about redoing some of the horrendous nonsense of more recent memory? How's about completely trashing the sack of bantha turds that is the Star Wars prequel trilogy and doing it over again without annoying blonde kid and a whiny Hayden Christensen. Oh, and encase Lucas in carbonite for real to make sure that his post '83 brain farts don't seep into the writing or direction.