Video Shows How Westworld and Jurassic Park Are Basically the Same Thing

Westworld, the hit HBO sci-fi western, and Jurassic Park, the source of all your favorite Jeff Goldblum GIFs, have one thing in common: They were both based on stories by Michael Crichton. And it turns out, that one thing makes a huge difference.

A video from College Humor points out how Westworld and Jurassic Park are basically the exact same story. They’re both about theme parks run by old British guys who defy the laws of God and man for their own personal gain. Only instead of genetically created dinosaurs that get loose in the park and start killing everyone, you’ve got artificially created robots who may or may not get loose in the park and start killing everyone. Fingers crossed!


Still, it’s not like that’s a bad thing. Even though the stories are similar, they’re both amazing. And hey, if me pointing out the parallels leads to a bunch of Jeff Goldblum GIFs in the comments, I’ll consider this a job well done. We’ve earned a little fun this weekend.



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I feel like this whole article was just a cover to justify showing that shirtless Jeff Goldblum image.

I’m not judging.