Video Proof That We Must Restore The Original Battlestar Galactica

What would the original Batttlestar Galactica series look like if it was remastered, and rereleased? It would look a lot like this, and this is awesome.

Thanks to Ain't It Cool News, we were alerted to this amazing reel of restored original BSG, created by Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz. This video is just a proposal, a pitch, a "What if we tried this?" idea. And we are so behind it. As you can see, some of the new FX work has replaced the old-time space stock footage that was often used in the original. Make it happen, world!

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That's not remastering. Remastering means going back to the original source footage and producing the cleanest, least-degraded possible reproduction of it. Creating replacement special effects is the exact opposite of remastering, because it's substituting something else for the original source footage. Star Trek Remastered was called that because it actually was remastered, except for the FX footage, which had to be recreated because the original master film elements were lost and the existing composites couldn't be restored to HD quality. Contrary to the modern abuse of the word, the replacement FX shots were the only parts that weren't remastered.

When you said "remastered Battlestar Galactica," I was expecting something cleaned up and vivid, but it looks just as faded and worn as a TV rerun, so, not remastered in any way. And the new effects are just reboot-style images that are a poor stylistic fit to the original. So this isn't "What if BSG were remastered," it's "What if original BSG were made to look more like new BSG?"