Video Makes Marvel Fans Wish Invasion Had Stayed Secret

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If Marvel Comics' latest attempt to hype its summer comic storyline Secret Invasion is evidence of the quality of their upcoming movie productions, you may just want to skip Iron Man and Hulk. The video, obviously meant to evoke Cloverfield and Blair Witch, tries to raise paranoia about just who amongst Marvel's superheroes has been replaced by shape-shifting aliens, but only leaves you hoping that our new alien overlords come with better production values and acting abilities. See the trailer that has fans saying "Just stick to making comics, Marvel. And try to make them better while you're at it," under the jump.


Sadly, this attempt at building excitement seems to have backfired slightly; over at comics news hub Newsarama, Marvel's faithful fanbase seemed to have become slightly less faithful in the wake of the video:

Dear Lord, I might have to sue Marvel for that one.

I think that video permanently damaged my eyes...Cloverfield at least had decent video quality...*barf*

Oh! And I think I became 30% dumber from watching it.

Seriously, I'm really excited about [Secret Invasion] and that did absolutely nothing for me and cant imagine it making anyone actually want to read it.

That SUCKED. Someone thought they were being clever, when all they really were doing was being DULL and irritating by cribbing the hand held schitck for "Cloverfield".

Try again Marvel, you guys are capable of better...aren't you??

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Ed Grabianowski

Some great lines in there. He's so matter-of-fact.

"Some of these people are's a god..."