Illustration for article titled Victorian Naturalist Dissects A Robot, And The Results Are Creepylovely

The Victorians sure loved to dissect and categorize. What if one of their famed naturalists got his or her hands on a robot? That's the fanciful idea behind this art by Oliver-Quellette, called "Victorian Robot Autopsy; Rose, Wax and Creosote."


This artwork is appearing in a group show in Santa Fe, NM called "Hard & Sole," opening on Saturday. The theme of the show is "the reality of love," and Oliver-Quellette explains:

My best (cynical?) response was to create this self-portrait, as a robot on a Victorian autopsy table, pried open by crude, period instruments, all the soft parts removed and neatly laid by the body for further study, the layers of the heart flayed and exposed, under x-ray-ish light, for everyone to see.

See more of Oliver-Quellette's artworks at her website.

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