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As we know from the trailer, the recent Star Trek was thisclose to putting Klingons in the first film — so might this bode well for their appearance in the second? J.J. Abrams can't confirm, but doesn't discard the idea.

At the junket for the DVD release, Abrams told us that his friend Victor Garber is featured on the DVD in a deleted scene as a Klingon. In the scene, Garber is all costumed up as a Klingon on the prison planet Rura Penthe.


In the scene, which had some shots slip into the trailer, Nero is stranded on the prison planet and is chained to a table, about to be tortured by the Klingons. A Klingon threatens him with the very slug we later see Nero force upon Capt. Pike. Garber's voice rings out as the interrogator, demanding Nero tell them how he came from the future.

It seems like a scene merely meant to show some cool Klingons costume updates and tell us what the heck Nero was up to for all those missing years, as well as clue the audience into the passage of the 25 years before we get to see grown-up Kirk. But it does have Nero's most quotable line from the trailer: "The wait is over."

Sadly, Abrams said, the Klingon prison scene had to get cut for theaters.

It's one of those things I hated to cut for a number of reasons. One of them was I loved the design, I love the world, I love the story — in that moment it was really cool, and I'm excited for people to see this scene. But also, Victor Garber, who's one of my favorite actors, played a Klingon in the movie. [He] had a ton of makeup, a very heavy, hot costume [that] we shot with him. And I had to call and tell him that his scene wasn't in the film and a huge consolation for me was, it will live forever on the DVD and Blu-Ray. I'm psyched for people to see that.


BUT, he cautions, that doesn't mean we will or will not see some more of the Klingons in the future. He says that half the fun of essentially starting your own franchise is coming up with new experiences for your characters. And with Star Trek, there's already so much to gather from to cobble together new stories.

I don't want to do something that is so inside that ... only die-hard fans will appreciate [it]. But I guarantee you whatever the story - we're just now working on the script, we're just beginning the process of story breaking - whatever the final movie ends up being, I know it will be something that will at least be intense; it'll work on its own terms and be something that you don't need to know and study Star Trek to get. But if you are a fan, hopefully, it will sort of be gift after gift of connections, references, characters, things that you hopefully as a fan hold near and dear.


Me? I want the Borg.



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