Victim of Lichtenstein's Copying Draws A Comic About His Experience

Roy Lichtenstein's pop art frequently involved taking existing comic book panels, copying them, and placing them in a new context. In this compelling comic, artist Russ Heath describes his experience as one of Lichtenstein's inspirations and the charity that has helped him out in times of financial hardship.

The exploding target in Whaam!, one of Lichtenstein's most famous works, was based on panel from DC Comics' All-American Men of War #89 drawn by Heath. Heath made this brief comic contrasting Lichtenstein's success with his own later financial issues to highlight the work of the Hero Initiative, a charity that creates a financial safety net for comics creators to help them through financial emergencies and in other times of need. If you'd like to donate to the Hero Initiative, visit their website.

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[via Boing Boing]

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Kamai New and Improved

I'll say it: Roy Lichtenstein was a hack.