VFX Reel Shows Just How They Created Some of The Force Awakens' Most Brilliant Shots

Star Wars has long been a franchise that prides itself on its visual effects and The Force Awakens is no different. Director J.J Abrams expertly blended practical and digital effects to make a Star Wars film worthy of that legacy. And now you can really see his handiwork.

The official Oscars YouTube uploaded the above video, which shows several effects shots in the movie side by side with their original elements. More than anything, the video shows how the film basically used every tool in the toolbox: CGI, green screen, practical effects, and so much more.

Thanks to io9 reader Storymark for the heads up!


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Wait, they DIDN’T build an an actual wreck of a Star Destroyer? Man, I believed in you, JJ! I want my money back.