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Vertigo soundtrack makes the Joker's bank heist extra creepy

Christopher Nolan's movies have often been compared to Alfred Hitchcock's thrillers, and this video, which places the score from Vertigo beneath the opening scene from The Dark Knight, shows what a nice match Hitchcock's audio tastes are with Nolan's visuals. It also amps up the tension of the clown-faced bank heist.


[via Geeks Are Sexy]

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Nice. But if someone can indulge me, I've had this nagging question about The Dark Knight's opening heist scene for years.

The last robber standing was the Joker. Tracing the sequence of events, the Joker was the one standing on the curb, clutching his mask. He was the one picked up by the rest. When he takes off his mask at the bank, he's wearing make-up and suddenly has a tinge of green in his hair.

Studying the frames, the guy who is assumed to be the Joker has black hair. Was he wearing a wig? And are we to believe no one on the street noticed the creepy guy in clown make-up standing at the curb?

I'm aware this is over-thinking the plot, but the logic of it has been bugging me for years.