Veronica Roth Has Written an Epilogue to Her Divergent Series

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It feels like all recent Divergent news has been focused on the decision to downgrade the property from major movie franchise to TV show. But author Veronica Roth just put her source-material book series back in the spotlight by announcing that she’s written an epilogue to the final volume.


Here’s her Twitter video with the news... and the hoop you’ll need to jump through if you want to read We Can Be Mended, which will focus on what the character Tobias has been up to since the events of Allegiant.


So you will have to pre-order her new book, Carve the Mark, and/or buy it on the day of its release, if you want to snag a copy of the epilogue. It’s out January 17.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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Man, that image says a lot of things. Mostly “how to fail sci-fi weapon design.”