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The Season 4 finale of Venture Bros. felt a twinge like a series finale, but the show isn't done yet. On Christmas Eve, VB creator Jackson Publick confirmed that Brock and the gang will be back for a fifth season!


The credits of every Venture Bros. season finale have included a vague, James Bond-inspired promise that the show will return for another season (this message tends to run prior to Adult Swim officially picking up the show for a new season). On his blog, Publick gave fans an early Christmas gift by revealing that the show is definitely on for a fifth season:

And though I'm not at liberty to disclose the full details just yet, I am happy to at least be able to tell you that we were not lying in the end credits of our season finale: The Venture Bros. will indeed return. More on that later... Happy Holidays!


Publick also posted the annual Venture Bros Christmas song: "Fan Club Christmas Album 2010″ by Shallow Gravy, Hank and Dermott's terrible musical side project. The song sounds like a drunk Joy Division cover band trying to remember the lyrics to "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

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