For those of us who were emotionally devastated by the nearly-two-year gap between the second and third seasons of The Venture Bros., the show's co-creator Jackson Publick has some good news: They're already started work on the show's fourth season. Even though they haven't finished work on the third yet.

According to Publick, working on both seasons at once has certain deadline drawbacks:

I turned in my first script (Ep. 40, "Handsome Ransom," if you're keeping track) a little over a week late, keeping the artists busy in the interim with judiciously doled out spoonfuls of design assignments for characters and locations I was pretty sure would make it into the final draft. And Doc is just now turning in the second episode of the season...which we're supposed to finish designing in like three days. Neither of these scripts, by the way, are for next season's premiere episode. As usual, we probably won't get to that one for a little while...

We have never tried this business of overlapping seasons before, and I must say it is hell on all of us. Nevertheless, I'm quite pleased with what we've all turned out so far on both the art and writing fronts. Episode 40 is already being storyboarded and we're set to record the voice tracks next week, keeping our fingers crossed in hopes of getting a special guest voice to play a major role, which I will not spoil.

Now I have less than a week to get the next script in. Guess who will be late again?


Special guest voice? If they've somehow managed to get David Bowie to voice the animated version of himself, then television may have to just give up, because it could never get any better.

Publick also shares some good/bad news about the current season:

The network tells me our ratings are excellent this season, with each episode scoring higher than the highest-rated episode of any previous season. The Family Guy continues to kick our ass, of course, because it would seem many many many more people would prefer to watch a Family Guy rerun for the tenth time than a brand new episode of our show. That, or a lot of people go to bed at 11:29 (EST) on Sunday nights.


Okay, two things. Firstly, what's with people watching Family Guy in the first place? I never understood that; it's like The Simpsons for people who don't like comedy or something. But much more importantly, if you're not watching The Venture Bros., you quite clearly hate humanity and should see both The Light and the damn Venture Bros. as soon as possible. What other show lets you wear Order of The Triad t-shirts?

What Goes Down, Must Come Up... [Publick Nuisance]