Venture Bros. Isn't Dead But Will Take a Long Time to Come Back to Life

Image: Cartoon Network
Image: Cartoon Network

It’s been a long time since there was a new episode of Venture Bros. 543 days, according to Cartoon Network. Fans have been left fearing that the cult-fave nerd-culture pastiche had crossed over to the astral plane for good. But they got a good omen last night.


Spotted by Reddit users and documented on a fan’s Facebook page, a bumper during the late-night Adult Swim programming block said that new episodes of Venture Bros. are in production. The “422 days” cited in the video would place a season 7 premiere deep into 2018. If that bumper is to be believed, that means it will have been almost three years since we got to see Dean, Hank, Brock and Dr. Girlfriend. If you’re fan of the series’ hijinks, it’ll almost certainly be worth the wait.

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