Vans and Pixar Are Teaming Up for a Line of Fun Toy Story-Themed Sneakers

It’s been almost 21 years since Toy Story made it totally okay to miss all the toys you grew up playing with; it’s one of those rare perfect movies that’s impossible not to love. But is there room in your heart for this forthcoming line of Toy Story-themed sneakers from Vans as well?


The answer is obviously yes, since Vans has been killing it with the pop culture partnerships lately, including both its Nintendo and Star Wars collections.

So far styles inspired by characters like Buzz Lightyear and Woody have managed to make their way online, complete with ‘Andy’ scribbled across their waffle sole bottoms. The Vans Twitter account also recently posted another teaser showing off additional styles, including sneakers with character montage patterns, including the beloved alien squeaky toys from Pizza Planet

There are no pricing or specific availability details at this point, but hopefully they’ll arrive ahead of the holidays, and maybe even Halloween, and let you shortcut your way to an easy costume.


[Vans via Hypebeast]

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