Vanessa Hudgens Will Star in NBC's DC Comics Office Comedy

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Every time we hear about it, it amazes us that Powerless, NBC’s comedy series about a completely normal insurance company office in the DC comics world, might actually be happening. But now it has its taking a big step towards reality with the casting of Vanessa Hudgens in the lead role.


Hudgens, hot off her success on Grease Live!, will play Emily Locke. Locke, an employee at the aforementioned insurance company, is a character who “loves her job” and flies under the radar, according to Variety, but finds herself increasingly exasperated at the damage and fallout living in a city protected by superheroes brings.


It’ll be interesting to see how this show pans out—especially with the producers recently teasing that they have a wide range of DC superheroes they can use in the series. Will either mass audiences or diehard comics fans necessarily want a DC show that doesn’t focus on the iconic characters? Will a comedy rather than an action series have the appeal that DC’s countless other TV shows had? Even with Hudgens’ casting, we still know very little, so it’s hard to say. Again, the fact that this show is moving forward in any way is kind of amazing, so lets just count our blessings for now.


Header Image Credit: Action Comics Annual #11 by Adam Kubert, 2008

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Is this.... Sam Fisher?

(Oh, how I miss being able to tag images on Kinja)

It definitely looks pulled from a video game and isn’t in-line with any of the other art.