Vanessa Hudgens Doesn't Need A Hero in the First Footage from DC's New Office Comedy

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We only recently got our first good look at the world of Powerless, DC and NBC’s kooky office comedy set in its comic book universe—but now footage from the show has made its way onto the internet, giving us our first real glimpse at the tone this series is going for... and it’s looking rather goofy and fun.


A trailer, presumably shown as part of NBC’s upfronts presentation last week, has made its way online, giving us an extended look at the show and its zany premise.

Powerless follows Vanessa Hudgens’ Emily Locke, a claims adjuster working for an insurance company in the DC comics universe, specializing in cases brought about from superpowered destruction. The trailer seems to pretty much cover the plot of the pilot, which sees Emily gain minor celebrity status for standing up to relatively minor DC hero Crimson Fox for making her late for work, and eventually butt heads with her spoiled brat of a new boss, perfectly played by Alan Tudyk.


Some of the effects are definitely not great, but still, there’s some pretty decent jokes in there, especially the Wonder Woman crack about whether or not she counts as an act of god. It looks like breezy, harmless fun, and it’s wildly different to anything else we’ve seen from DC or Marvel’s TV output. Nothing wrong with that.

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