Vanessa Helsing TV Series Coming to Syfy. Get It? Get IT?!

Illustration for article titled iVanessa Helsing/i TV Series Coming to Syfy. Get It? Get IT?!

You probably get it.

Syfy announced the new series, set for fall 2016, which is basically Buffy the Vampire Slayer-meets-I Am Legend. Here’s the official description, courtesy of THR:

In this new interpretation, the central character is now a female, Vanessa Helsing, the next in a lineage of warriors who must lead mankind against a world controlled by vampires. When Vanessa is resurrected five years in the future, she learns vampires have taken over the world and that she possesses unique power over them. She is essentially humanity’s last hope to lead an offensive to take back what has been lost.


Honestly, it’s not the worst idea in the world for a show. In fact, if they get the right Vanessa, a “Buffy in a world where the vampires have won” could be great. I think the real problem is that Hugh Jackman’s Van Helsing picture was so terrible that we instantly equate the character name with failure. That’s not really fair.

On the other hand, Syfy is developing the show with Neil LaBute, who both wrote and directed The Wicker Man remake with Nicolas Cage. So if you want to assume the show will be awful, that’s a much better reason than the subject matter.


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