Before Alucard was hunting his vampiric kin on Hellsing there was Vampire Hunter D. A cult favorite among those people who knew the word “anime” back in the ‘80s, D spawned a sequel movie titled Bloodlust in 2000, and now will star in a new animated series! But note I said “animated” and not “anime.”

As revealed by ANN, this ne series will be CG and be co-produced by California-based Unified Pictures and Japan-based Digital Frontier, animators of those CG direct-to-home video movies based on video games like Tekken and Resident Evil. The good news is that Vampire Hunter D creator Hideyuki Kikuchi will be involved in the project in some format; the bad news is that if you were hoping for another lushly animated project like Madhouse did with Bloodlust, you may be disappointed. Unified Pictures will reveal more details at Anime Expo this weekend, and maybe we’ll have a better idea of what’s coming.


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