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A curious story comes out of Taiwan today — paraphernalia depicting miniature Nosferatus with Hitler mustaches have been nixed from the 4,400 7-Eleven convenience stores on the island. The use of Hitler for advertising and sloganeering is not an exactly unknown phenomenon in Taiwan. Reports Haaertz:

The key rings, USB sticks and magnets sporting a cartoon vampire were taken off 7-Eleven shelves after three years of sales on Tuesday following a statement from the Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei.

Their removal is the latest in a series of flaps between Israel and Taiwanese merchants and even government offices displaying emblems associated with Nazi Germany [...] Due to a lack of world history in schools, some Taiwanese people equate the Nazis with heroism but harbor no anti-Semitic sentiments, academics on the island have said.

A local company used Hitler's image in a 1999 ad for German-made heaters. Nazi insignias have been spotted on motorcycle helmets, and a drink shop once named itself after Hitler.


For other recent real-evil-people-as-movie-monsters kitsch, see that Osama bin Laden zombie movie.


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