Normally we don't cover reality TV nonsense like The Bachelor. BUT, last night's dating TV show really threw us a doozy. A bachelorette showed up with vampire fangs. Now she has to wear them for the rest of the show.

Last night, tired old bachelor Brad Womak was shoved back inside the awful pink Bachelor mansion, so a parade of ladies could compete for his affection (again). Same old, same old. Until crazy old Madison wandered into the bunch. The "model" from "New York" didn't really draw that much attention to her giant vampire fangs, instead she relied on odd puns, calling Brad delicious etc. Whatever, it could have been super lame until old Womak threw down this odd ultimatum on her: "If that's her deal, great. If it's a joke, then get rid of it. I'm not here to play games."


Wait, for real? He'd rather her have someone who seriously thinks they are a serious vampire and behaves as such, as opposed to someone that's just trying to lighten the mood with a little fang? But wait... it gets better! Madison INSISTS that she's serious — flash forward to the "scenes from next week" where she's STILL wearing the fangs. Awesome. That, my friend, is commitment. Consider the bar raised over at the Bachelor mansion. I seriously hope she spends the rest of the season in these chompers, demanding night dates and sucking on bags of red colored "juice." Also big ups to Womak for deciding that he would go the EXTREME PC route, thus giving the girl no other option than to go full-blown vampire.

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