Do you remember the "Best True Blood Ending Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever." ? The high water mark for all TV shows attempting to cross the rat-shit Rubicon of insane-but-brilliant television? Vampire Eric has a videotaped his response to that incident.


Of course we're talking about the episode where Russell Edgington ruined life for out-of-the-coffin vampires everywhere. The episode where the big bad King of Mississippi ripped out the heart of a TV talking head and then told the rest of the world that he was going to eat them (after he ate their children, that is). The episode that SHOULD have been the finale for last season's True Blood, but was swapped out for a Fern Gully porno with raver fairies? Well it looks like the new season is going to address all the damage that Russell's mad-as-hell TV-cast did for vampires everywhere, and they've got the Viking vampire on damage control. Watch as Eric tells the world that he's not only a tax payer, but a small business owner. Meanwhile humans picket outside of Fangtasia. Things do not seem good for vampires in True Blood land.

Fingers crossed Alan Ball and company stick with this side-story, more than the book's witches plot. Honestly it's the world building and cultural response to the giant vampire outing that has always fascinated us the most on this show. We'd much rather watch episodes about The Fellowship of the Sun and vampire damage control for Edgington than witches, any day.