The best way to describe the new season of Vampire Diaries is this: "The players have changed but the game is still the same," or vice versa. Just because nothing's changed doesn't mean it's not fun. Especially with evil twins!

So last night was the premiere of season two of Vampire Diaries, and the show continues to be a delightfully sick soap opera. Let's hit the highlights.


Stefan was noble and dashing. Meanwhile, Damon continued to deflect his vampire sadness and loneliness with humor. The two of them almost fought because Damon kissed fake Elena (in the season finale if you remeber), but no, noble Stefan would not let Elena's evil vampire twin Katherine destroy the one part of Damon that allowed him to feel again. So no bro fights this go round, but don't worry there's still a whole season ahead of us.

So Katherine, who looks JUST like Elena but is an evil vampire, is back. I'm trying to think what else you really need to know about her: She's Damon and Stefan's maker and they were both in love with her, the end. Anyways evil twin! We like this twist. Mainly because we like seeing Elena with different outfits, one good and the other styled to be a bit more...evil.

Moving on, just because Stefan won't let Katherine come between him and his brother, that doesn't mean she won't find away to start trouble. After being denied by Stefan, Katherine rubs her adorable round face against the forlorn Damon. Within minutes they're doing the sexy gymnastic tumbling all about the living room. But just before things get hot, Katherine cleverly tells Damon that she doesn't and never did love him. That it was "always Stefan." Which leads this to happen with the REAL Elena:

While we're sad for the world's saddest, but most charming vampire Damon, we're glad to have him back to his neck-snapping ways. Even if the kid brother was wearing a protective ring. Oh and Caroline is a vampire now. Let the evil twin drama continue until next week's soapy vampire fest.