Vampire Diaries Actresses Arrested For Roadside Topless "Filming"

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Four actresses from the CW's new Vampire Diaries were arrested for flashing drivers in Georgia but claim it was all for the show, since they had one cameraman with them. Really? We speculate potential dramatics explaining said "vampire flashing" scene.

According to WSBTV the four actresses and the cameraman were all arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after "dangling" off a Georgia overpass and flashing oncoming traffic:

Several drivers called 911 on Aug. 22 to report seeing the young women flashing drivers on I-75 from the side of the Rumble Road overpass just north of Macon. The women told Monroe County authorities they were just filming for the show.


Call me crazy, but one cameraman does not a crew make. Plus, don't TV productions normally close down streets for filming? I'd assume it'd be a closed set when there's nakedness involved. But let's say it was real... What do we you think the flashing scene entailed?

Me, I'd like to think the epic fighting between ancient vampire brothers reached an all time blood bath and the mild mannered one (Stefan, not evil brother Damon, because his name is Damon so, hello, evil) is strewn out across the road, beaten and bloodied and about to die with the rising of the sun. See, in Vampire Diaries the brothers have MAGIC RINGS which allow them to walk in the sun, sparkle-free, but in this instance he's lost his ring in the battle with his brother. As Stefan slowly embraces his eventual death, the local High School Girls appear. Thankfully, they've been told that the power of flashing will bring his strength back, just like clapping for Tinkerbell.

See? They're flashing to save his life, so it's not cheap or silly or a terrible recreation of that one time in the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sister Pajamas or something. It's totally unique and empowering, and not just a camera guy who convinced them all to flash the road after a location night out. Or, you know, maybe not.

Great PR stunt Vampire Diaries smiley mugshots are hilarious facebook pics, but if real, and I doubt it, I'd like to meet these "get those damn kids off my bridge" narks.


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Yes not even a second unit would be a camera guy and 4 actors. You would need a director, Camera assistants, Grip and Electric.

Yes Scenes with nudity or even implied nudity are fairly sensitive and it has been my experience that all but essential crew as asked to go find something else to do.

The way those girls are smiling in the mug shots implies a publicity stunt. I wonder if convicted they would be classified as a sex offender and have to register with the local cops?