One of the weirdest vampire movies I've ever seen is the New Zealand cult indie, Perfect Creature. Vampires are genetically-engineered holy ninjas called "the brothers" in an alternate 1960s packed with gorgeous steampunk detail.

Though the 2006 movie is occasionally slow, the atmosphere is so lush and detailed that you'll be willing to forgive a lot in this tale of two brothers - one good, one evil - who try to cope with vampire life in a world where genetic engineering was discovered possibly centuries before our own. As a result, superbeings called "the brothers" were created, and they live much longer, healthier lifespans than ordinary humans partly because their cells are more like stem cells. But they have to drink blood.


Luckily, the humans have created a religion around the brothers, and swapping blood with these creatures is considered a high honor. (Also, it's not fatal, since the vamps are sworn to protect humans and never drink anyone dry.)

However, the same genetic engineering that created the brothers has also led to runaway viral pandemics. So the genetic engineering has been outlawed. That leaves the brothers in a bad position. They can't genetically engineer any other vamps, and no female vamps have been born in a long time. And one day, an evil vamp named Edgar decides to start genetically engineering a virus that could turn human women into vamp-makers. Unfortunately, it just makes them sick.


Edgar rampages across the bizarre alternate city, killing people by drinking their blood - or by sharing his own virus-contaminated blood with them. It's a race against time for Edgar's brother to stop him, aided only by a lone cop who has her own share of baggage about viruses. In the clip above, Edgar is spreading his virus with the help of an unwitting lowlife who has no idea the vamp blood he's drinking is about to kill him . . . and many more in the city, unless Edgar can be stopped.

Perfect Creature [via IMDB]

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