Vampire Comedy Has Musicians Lining Up to Suck

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Alice Cooper is about to make vampires more metal. The rocker joins Iggy Pop, Moby, and Malcolm McDowell in the upcoming horror comedy Suck. A cross-genre cast of musicians and a monster hunting, nyctophobic Malcolm McDowell star in this tale of a wannabe rock band who, after an encounter with a vampire, find that fame and immortality aren’t quite what they expected.


Suck follows the misadventures of an optimistically named rock band, The Winners, seemingly doomed to obscurity. Their fortunes change thanks to a meeting with a vampire (played by Dimitri Coats of Burning Brides), and they find themselves enjoying their newfound fame, at least until the bloodlust kicks in.

The film is being billed as “Spinal Tap meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” but it’s the cast that makes this one to watch. Kids in the Hall alum Dave Foley plays The Winners’ manager, and perennial villain Malcolm McDowell picks up a neurosis as a vampire hunter who’s afraid of the dark. Moby plays on his vegan reputation as the lead singer of a rival band called the Secretaries of Steak (a certain setup for a bad vampire pun). Iggy Pop takes on the role of a music producer, and Alice Cooper a sinister, bloodsucking bartender who could be the perfect antidote to the string emo vamps we’ve seen of late.



I like Iggy and Alice and camp as much as the next rock and indie film fan who grew up in the late 70's/early 80's, but long faded rockstars (was Iggy ever even really a 'star'?) and perennial B-list actors in a vampire film is supposed to be fresh or interesting? Sorry, not so much to me.