Vampire Care Packages and Disney's Take on Twilight

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In this vampire news update we've got details on the Disneyfied Twilight (with sexy ladies), plus a 30 Days of Night 2 tease. Plus, see the warning that comes from Amazon when you order New Moon goodies.

A reader sent in this little tidbit above - this is the packaging for the New Moon movie companion book. We're glad that the marketing team at Twilight is in on their own joke, though I would like to add that what the movie is selling are clearly bare-chested were-puppies. Thanks for the tip and picture Matt!


Also Disney is thinking about getting into the Twilighting business. The mouse house registered some interesting domain names recently that suggest they will be turning Adrian Phoenix's "The Maker's Song" series into a film, TV movie or show. There are three books in the entire series. Here's the Amazon summary of the book series:

Set in the brooding New Orleans area long established as the best location for all things vampiric, Phoenix's lively debut has it all: Rogue [FBI] agents, Bureau-ordered hits, mad-scientist experiments in psychopathology, vampires and fallen angels and a slicing-dicing serial killer. Smart, sexy FBI Special Agent Heather Wallace has been trying to catch the Cross-Country Killer for three years when the trail leads to New Orleans and Club Hell, where Dante Prejean performs with the Inferno, an industrial/goth rock band. Dante is a Cajun and a born vampire whose memories of his terrible past have been erased, leaving him vulnerable to the psychopathic killer, E, who knows all that Dante has forgotten. As E begins targeting Dante's loved ones, Heather must swallow her skepticism and work with Dante's vampiric friends and family to save him. Phoenix alternates romantic homages to gothdom and steamy blood-drinking threesomes with enough terse, fast-paced thriller scenes to satisfy even the most jaded fan.

And it looks like this (below). So - guns, vampires and little outfits. That's good, right?

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And finally the 30 Days of Night sequel will have a familiar face according to Shock Till You Drop:

Sequel to 2007 vampire horror hit about a lonely and desperate woman who joins a group of rogue vampire hunters to seek revenge on the bloodsuckers responsible for an attack on her tiny Alaska town.


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As I read that description I kept expecting "with the help of his world-wise redbone hound and loud-mouthed possum..."