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Valiant's All New Archer and Armstrong Comic Is An Inter-Dimensional Quest For Booze

Illustration for article titled Valiants All New iArcher and Armstrong/i Comic Is An Inter-Dimensional Quest For Booze

Valiant has been teasing the return of one of their best, and frequently most hilarious, duos, for a while now—but at New York Comic Con, they’ve finally confirmed that Archer and Armstrong are back. Their great quest? To safely secure a bottle of history’s finest whiskeys... and maybe fight an angry trapped god. Maybe.


Yes, A&A, written by Rafer Roberts, with art from David Lafuente, will see Archer have to track down his best friend Armstrong after the Immortal lush dives into the bigger-on-the-inside dimension stored in his magical satchel, on the hunt for a lost bottle of Earth’s greatest whiskey. The problem is that also inside said dimension is Bacchus, an ancient and maddened god who’s been trapped in the satchel by Armstrong for 3,000 years. He is, perhaps understandably, quite peeved.


It’s nothing too out of the ordinary for Archer and Armstrong—which is why they’re such a hoot to read about. Although it’s sad that Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry won’t be returning after their fantastic run on the duo came to an end last year, we’ll take all the new Archer and Armstrong goodness we can get.

A&A #1 will hit shelves in March 2016—which gives you more than enough time to read up on why you should be so excited about this news.

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Been meaning to jump on this for some time. Only thing is should I start with this new #1 or go back and read past trades? Since Van Lente is not writing anymore, maybe I should just go with the new team.

Also, anybody know why the original creative team is not on this book anymore?