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Valiant is About To Make The Gaudiest, Most '90s Comic Book Variant Cover of All Time

Image: Valiant
Image: Valiant

Depending on how you look at it, comic book variant covers are either a delightful added bonus to the comic collecting experience... or a semi-shady cash grab publishers use to confuse readers into buying multiple issues of the same story.


Whatever your feelings about variants, you’ve got to admit that it’s always an experience when you come across a truly awful one. Imagine a garish, impossibly bright, metallic cover plucked right out of the 90s and designed to stun you into submission. As a kid, you might have marveled at its holographic flashiness, but as an adult you see the harsh, glittering page for what it is: a trap.

Thankfully, most publishers don’t put out too many of these variant covers any more but, this December, Valiant plans on doing what others won’t and putting out what it describes as “the most variant cover of all time.” What all goes into the most variant cover, you ask? Foil. Lots and lots of foil. Each issue of Valiant’s upcoming Quantum and Woody! series will come with an “extreme ultra-foil variant” illustrated by Geoff Shaw and embossed with vintage comics foil.


Warning: Valiant’s gif announcement is as over the top as the idea. And flashes all sorts of neon:

Admittedly, variant covers can be fun in certain instances and you’ve got to give Valiant props for acknowledging that old-school comics gimmicks were, well, kinda tacky and bad in a low-key fun kind of way. That being said, staring at shiny covers like these for prolonged periods of time can sometimes lead to permanent eye damage, so buy at your own risk.

io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.

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Back when I worked in the printing industry, I once produced a four color process, three spot color,  thermographed Business Card which also included a spot varnish. A beautiful addition to my production portfolio, even if it was a bit tacky in the design sense.