Val Kilmer's KITT Has Mastered Growling And Deadpanning

Things we learned from these newly released Knight Rider clips: The car really does look cool, with high-tech displays that don't do much except look pretty. Mike Knight (nee Tracer) can flail around in a car on autopilot, yet still wear one of those douchebag bluetooth headsets. You can see some of the new KITT's fancy paraphernalia in the clip above, which features what can only be described as an A.I. growl at the end. Two more KITT videos after the jump.

We've excised the two new clips that show a) Mike bluffing in a game of poker against a Phil Hellmuth type, and b) Mike getting into a fight in a casino and kicking a guy in the balls. We figured you could probably direct those scenes better in your head. What you're left with is a scene of KITT just after he's picked up Mike's love interest, Sarah (he called her on the phone!). KITT tells her that her dad is in danger while narrowly missing some college students strolling through a park.
In the third clip, KITT tries to evade capture while wisecracking with Mike and Sarah. Mike threatens to pour sugar in KITT's gas tank, and he robotically says "Don't even think about it, Mike." Somehow he manages to keep his "I really might get an important phone call at any minute, so I have this thing jammed in my ear" headset in while vamping.
Does Val Kilmer have some massive IRS debt that we didn't know about, or perhaps a secret drug habit that he's been hiding from the world? After watching these clips it's hard to imagine why he took this gig except for the paycheck. Hearing him deadpan these lines it makes us wonder why they didn't just go from Will Arnett to This American Life's Ira Glass, who can really dial it in, monotone-style. We just wish we could have been a fly on the wall when Kilmer's agent called him with this role:

"Val? It's Morty. Yeah, the folks at NBC have called me about a billion times about this thing, so I have to mention it to you. They want you to do the voice of a..."

"I'll do it."


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I was glad to see Knight Rider come back after hearing about it for

many years. I was thrilled to finally see it back on the air and

couldn't wait to see it and since I grew up watching as a young boy it

meant a lot to me. I could understand that the producers of the show

wanted update KITT's body and voice eventhough I wasn't happy about it.

( The Dukes of Hazzard used the 69 Charger in the recent movie.

Although movie didn't do so great b/c of the changes they made to it I

enjoyed it. They kept as close to TV show as possible with also trying

to make the move acceptable to old and new viwers.) Now back to Knight

Rider.... What really upset me was the original KITT in pieces and not

operational. You see him in pieces and practically destroyed . The new

KITT made no refferences that he was the original KITT with upgrades

ans new body ( I could have accepted that )I hope that if the show does

get picked up they will have Hasselhoff as maybe character like Devon

Myles or even have the original KITT make apprearences with Michael

Knight but still using the Mustang with MIke Traceur . If the producers

focus more on the fans of the original show rather there own opinion of

what people will like I think Knight Rider 2008 could be a great

series. But if they keep going the way are in the same direction the

shows going toward I only will give it a 6 show series and it will come

back from that again. I'm Sure David Hasselhoff is not happy with last

nights outcome as well.