Global warming is toying with our environment and spreading alien egg-sacks from person to person, until we're all dead, and it's all Val Kilmer's fault. New trailer for The Thaw: "Recycle or die."

Val Kilmer plays Dr. David Kruipen, a world-renowned expert in climate change. Dr. Kruipen and his students discover the thawing carcass of a woolly mammoth, but alas, their joy suddenly turns to fear. The thawing carcass releases a terrible parasite upon the research group, and begins picking off the team one by one.

Eventually, the students realize what they need to do: quarantine themselves, which means killing anyone who gets too close and protecting each other from their fellow research buddies. This is a classic isolationist horror directed by Mark A. Lewis and even though it pulls a bit from The Thing, I like the idea of a bunch of smarty pants kids killing each other off to protect the world.


There is still no release date for The Thaw.

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