V Returns As Family Drama

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Fans of rodent-eating lizards with ulterior motives, your day has come. ABC has finally officially greenlit the pilot for the revival of 1980s big-hair SF series V, courtesy of The 4400's creator Scott Peters.


We told you about the planned revival back in October last year, but it's taken this long for the alphabet network to order a pilot that revamps the original show's Nazi metaphors into something a little bit more contemporary. This time around, the show will center on a female Homeland Security agent, instead of Marc Singer's heroic cameraman, and the "tension within the family" when her son falls for the aliens' talk of coming in peace despite their distinctly un-peacelike plans.


No word as yet whether we should expect a return of Willie, the friendly "Visitor" who was in part responsible for the alien-human hybrid baby that still freaks me out when I think about it, even now.

ABC greenlights sci-fi pilot [Variety]

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I loved "V" as a kid, but I'm sure if I went back and watched it now, it may not hold up so well. That's the problem with nostalgia.

We know NBC can't do quality remakes, and Fox has their itchy trigger finger, but ABC has no such history I can think of (they gave Pushing Dasies plenty of chances), and they proved with "Lost" that the writing does indeed matter to the suits.

I think I'd like to see a new reincarnation of the story. BSG has tought us you don't have to slavishly faithful to be successful, so long as you have a strong theme and story with interesting characters. V could be a new look at modern fears if done right (not sure if the cold war themes of the original would be relevent today), but I liked the themes Peters had in 4400, even if the execution faltered now and again.

I think remaking it as just a fun sci-fi show would make good escapism right about now.