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Tonight marks the return of alien conquest series V, which is about what happens when the evil lizard people look like Morena Baccarin and can shoot you up with bliss using only their minds. Now's the time to tune in.


What did you miss?
ABC aired four episodes, including the pilot, last year in November. So it would be understandable if you'd forgotten a thing or two. The good news is that you haven't missed enough to make it impossible to catch up. The main things you missed are:

1. The Visitors
Aliens called the V (for "Visitors) show up in a ton of giant ships that hover over all the cities of the world. Their leader, a beautiful woman called Anna, appears on giant spaceship LCD screens and says basically "We come in peace." The Vs want to trade their super-awesome health technology for our toxic waste, which they claim is valuable to them. Sound too good to be true? It is.


2. The Conspiracy And Resistance
Not too surprisingly, the V are conspiring to colonize the Earth and steal all our nice resources (like water). Also, they are ugly lizards under their fake human skin. There are all kinds of creepy moments with the too-nice Vs giving people medical care and setting up a youth exchange program - all the while making evil plans. Anna, who controls the Vs with her "bliss" trick (see video), is in charge of the conspiracy, aided by her super-hot daughter and youth ambassador Lisa.

But luckily there is a resistance group of humans and Vs called the Fifth Column, who are fighting back. Included in this group are a priest named Father Jack, an FBI agent named Erica, a V-gone-native called Ryan (he's married to the human Valerie), and a whole underground group led by the legendary John May.

Also, we know that the V were on Earth for a while before the ships came, stockpiling weapons and making dastardly plans. And the resistance has been around for a while too.

What do you really need to know?
Based on the 1980s miniseries of the same name, V is your basic story of alien conspiracy and resistance. A lot of what's going on will be easy to figure out.


Still, there are a few things you should know if you want to start watching tonight.

1. Erica vs. Tyler
Erica's teen son Tyler is totally obsessed with the V and joins their youth group as soon as he can. He even makes pro-V viral videos and puts them on YouTube. Plus, he and Lisa are hooking up. This has caused a major rift between Tyler and mom Erica, who knows the Vs are secretly trying to take over.

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2. The Hybrid Baby
Valerie and Ryan are having a baby. But Valerie doesn't know yet that Ryan is a visitor, so she may be surprised when she gives birth to a half-lizard.


3. Chad's Divided Loyalties
Chad is a TV journalist who gets the first one-on-one interview with Anna, but only after he knuckles under to pressure from the Vs to ask only softball questions. Torn between journalistic integrity and his desire to "get the story," Chad is one of those slippery characters who always seems to be playing both sides.

4. The Health Care Conspiracy
The main way the Vs are buying humans' loyalty is by opening free health clinics and healing people - they can do everything from scrub cancer out of your DNA to cure your paralysis by knitting the nerves together again. They are also trying to slip weird things into vaccines (though the resistance thwarted that plot). The whole show is riding on health care paranoia.


Why start watching now?
With a nice lead-in from scifi paranoia show Lost, it will be easy to sit back and enjoy a two-hour block of scifi on Tuesday nights. But also, tonight's episode, "Welcome to the War," is when the plot of the show is really going to start heating up.

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We're going to get deep into the covert games played by the Vs, and find out more about resistance group The Fifth Column (supposedly we'll even meet John May). Also, the shoot-em-up action will be based on interesting human relationships. Erica is going to go ballistic over Tyler's relationship with Lisa. Plus we're going to learn more about Ryan's backstory as Valerie's due date comes nearer.

Plus, V has just brought in a new showrunner, Scott Rosenbaum, whose credits include working on The Shield. Bringing the edgy drama from The Shield into an alien conspiracy show? Sounds like pure win to me. Plus, lizard people. I'm telling you: Check out V after Lost tonight. You may find yourself intrigued.


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