Are we going to be witnessing the last temptation of Father Jack soon? Actor Joel Gretsch talked to us about fighting aliens, struggling with his faith, and being tempted by the fruit of another. Spoilers ahead...

We were huge fans of Gretsch from his role as Tom Baldwin on The 4400, the previous show from V's co-creator Scott Peters. So why is it that Gretsch always plays characters who get invaded by alien biotech? In The 4400, he's taken over by a parasite from the future, and in V, he's injected with the mysterious R6 compound. Gretsch isn't honestly sure why this always happens to him, but he adds that it was fun to play the dark side of Tom Baldwin under alien control. And as for V, "it's going to be an interesting reveal. It's going to be a lot different than on The 4400."


Tom Baldwin was a pretty complicated guy, but Gretsch says Father Jack might be even more complex and tormented:

He's well intentioned. He believes in his relationship to God, and wanting to help people. And yet he's a man, and has a backstory, and that gets revealed throughout the season. Why did Father Jack become a priest, and what motivated him? Given that he's in the resistance and the Fifth Column, how does that compromise his beliefs? Now that he's working with this beautiful woman, Erica, talk about an obstacle [to his vow of celibacy].

And he points out that it takes a lot to become a priest, as he found out while researching the role. Potential priests go through a rigorous screening, with lots of questions about whether they really want to do this.


And he says we'll be seeing more theological questions come up, as the presence of other life forms in the universe raises more issues about the smallness of humanity and our place in the cosmos.

I think that's what scifi does. I think scifi kind of does that. You look up to the sky at night, and you see the stars and you listen to the storm, and you realize how little we know and how small we are, and I think that leads to a lot of questions.


And Gretsch promises that the Resistance will start getting a lot more effective soon. "We're just getting more established, and now with the Hobbes character, we have an actual terrorist." He adds: "We become quite effective. You'll be quite surprised and yet it's going to [make sense.] We're going to become a force to be reckoned with."


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