Utterly Bizarre "Sprouting Potato UFO" Caught on Film in Oregon

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the good people of Milwaukie, Oregon have sighted what they're calling a "sprouting potato UFO." Don Andersberg spotted this floating, festively-colored spud hovering over his backyard, and immediately captured it on video. The shot you see above is a composite of two stills taken from that video, to enhance the clarity of the object.


The local Oregon chapter of MUFON prepared an extremely long, detailed report on the sighting, complete with dozens of blown-up photographs that reveal every single bulge on this strange UFO. Here you can see that extraterrestrials may be fond of chicken-shaped balloons. Which is definitely a sign of advanced intelligence. Writes MUFON about the sighting:

One person in his backyard video-recorded a small, compact, vigorously transforming UFO with odd protuberances and occasional, internally generated, white light "flare ups" on the protuberances in blue sky daylight.

If you need something to stare at intensely while wondering about the connection between pink mashed potatoes and the alien conspiracy, may I recommend this chart? Read more about this amazing new form of UFO on Oregon's MUFON site.


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