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User-Generated Architecture?

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The Miami Art Museum's not just getting a redesign. It's also redesigning the process of redesigning a museum. Instead of sticking to a static blueprint, Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron are giving us only a tentative idea of what the $220 million downtown Miami building is going to look like. Locals will decide the rest during construction.


Then construction and fund-raising for the building will happen simultaneously until planned completion in 2011. Throughout all that, museum heads are going to be asking locals what they think.

Illustration for article titled User-Generated Architecture?

From what we've heard so far, there are some pretty neat things about the redesign already. For example, it's going to have anchor galleries—rooms designed around a particular art piece. It's also going to have a sleek modern-meets-tropical-vegetation type of thing going, with tree-lined plazas and verandas. Grandmas in bikinis are currently not part of the blueprint, but hey, with enough community interest, they very well might be. Keep an eye out. Images courtesy of Herzog & de Meuron

Miami Art Museum to Unveil Design for New Building [NY Times]

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