Disney fanatics have probably already picked up the brand new Aladdin Diamond Edition Blu-ray that just came out, but the Mouse isn’t stopping there. They’ve also licensed an official, limited edition poster that’s a must-have for fans.

You see just a tease of the poster above, but the full thing is below. It’s a 12 x 36 inch, 11-color screenprint in an edition of 275 by artist Mark Englert. The official title is “You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me.”

The poster, which we’re exclusively debuting here, is the 6th print from Cyclops Print Works and will go on sale at Friday October 16 at noon PST at http://www.cyclopsprintworks.com/.

Englert’s work is some of my favorite in the whole pop culture art game. Almost all of his pieces use this panoramic size, in both horizontal and vertical formats, to give his subjects an expansive, unique layout. From there, each piece is near picture perfect to the subject and loaded with Easter eggs.


If you like his style, Cyclops is also releasing a few more copies of the artist’s Beauty and the Beast inspired piece, “She Really is a Funny Girl,” at the same time. Here it is:

And there will be one more Disney new release too. So head over to Cyclops for lots and lots of gorgeous Disney artwork.


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