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A handcuff escapist named Ray gave a presentation at Dutch hacker camp HAR about how to quickly make a plastic key that will break you out of Dutch police handcuffs. He did it with a homemade 3D printer, and tested it on actual handcuffs. It's not clear how he got the schematic to make the keys, though some have suggested it might be as easy as photographing the keys, which Dutch police wear dangling from their belts.


Reports the lockpicking blog Black Bag:

At first the police officers at HAR were a little reluctant to event try out the plastic key he printed. But he found another way to verify the key he printed was the correct one. I guess these officers never thought about wearing keys concealed, especially when talking with Mr. Handcuff himself. Given the megapixel camera's on the market today it was not so difficult to verify the key he printed was the correct one.
At the end of the day he talked the officers into trying the key on their handcuffs and ... it did work! At least the Dutch Police now knows there is a plastic key on the market that will open their handcuffs. A plastic key undetectable by metal detectors....

Nice. Combine that with your scramble suit and away you go!

Black Bag via BoingBoing


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