US release of Snowpiercer will be uncut, but it's still getting screwed

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First the good news: After all the drama and Harvey Weinstein's desire to trim 25 minutes of screentime and add voiceovers to Bong Joon-Ho's acclaimed adaptation of the French scifi comic Snowpiercer, U.S. audiences will get to see the film in its entirety. The bad news? These U.S. audiences are going to really tiny.

Via Deadline:

A disagreement between filmmaker and distributor Harvey Weinstein over length and pacing of the Bong Joon-Ho helmed Snowpiercer has been resolved, I hear. ... The truce is basically that the director keeps the length of his action film but instead of a wide release, it will be a platform release with a roll out. I am told the picture is not being dumped.


So if you live in one of the few cities it'll make it to before the film inevitably dies at the box office because it won't have a full-fledged marketing campaign behind it anymore, you're in luck. Although I don't blame Bong Joon-Ho at all here; better to only let a few people see the movie as it was supposed to be than have everyone see a shitty version of the film. This was the least awful of the two decisions available to him. And hey, at least the rest of us will be able to see it on DVD and Blu-ray... eventually.

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... thus ensuring that Snowpiercer becomes a well-respected cult classic for all eternity, rather than a flash-in-the-pan summer blockbuster.