Just when we thought that we'd had enough of zombies, along comes a new series to make us look at the problem of the undead in a brand new way. We know that they don't move quickly, have limited vocabulary and equally limited appetites, but The Zombies That Ate The World doesn't care about any of that. No, it just wants to know, why can't we all get along?The comic book series - which gets released in the U.S. at the start of next year — started life in France's Metal Hurlant, despite being created by two Americans: Jerry Frissen and BPRD's Guy Davis. Set in the Los Angeles of 2064, the series highlights those Angelenos whose lives have been affected by a controversial new governmental policy that sees zombies reintegrated into everyday society and trying to peacefully co-exist with the living. Of course, things go wrong, but if you don't want to take my word for it, why not check out this piece of test animation for a (since-scuttled) cartoon version of the story:

The first issue of The Zombies That Ate The World hits stories in February from Devil's Due Publishing. [Devil's Due]