US Censors Torchwood's Third Season... Kind Of

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When Torchwood returns for its third season and something seems a little... off, comfort yourself with the knowledge that the reason behind the show's self-censorship is the proud country known as the United States.


According to the show's star, John Barrowman, the show will be... more subtle in its third season so as not to offend American sensibilities:

We're not swearing or doing anything close to the bone because it's been a huge success in the US and the networks won't accept it with all that stuff in it... I'll still be getting naked and it will still be saucy - but it's done with taste. We'll doing everything so it doesn't have to be heavily edited for the US.


Has BBC America really been censoring the show that much, or is mention of "the networks" a sign that the Torchwood mini-season might be lined up as a summer special on one of the US broadcast networks?

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The 'censorship' has nothing to do with the North American market - the BBC has been airing an edited for family version of "Torchwood" since the beginning of season two. And the BBC released a statement earlier this year saying that it was going to cut back on some of the adult content in "Torchwood" season three so that it would fit better (content/audience wise) with "Who" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures", especially since "Who" has a very abbreviated schedule.