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Upside Down shows how gravity-challenged lovers kiss

We're still pretty excited for Juan Diego Solanas' strange romance movie Upside Down. The premise is totally ridiculous — Jim Sturgess and Kristen Dunst are in love, but live on opposite planets connected by the sky with opposing gravity forces — but the actual look to this M.C. Escher flick is simply stunning.


And now we have the first ever clips from this movie. One features Dunst kissing upside down, yet again, but it's still great. The other reveals something strange about her character, who apparently doesn't remember anything from her past. Which we're sure is not integral to the plot in any way.

Kept apart from the girl he has loved his entire life; Adam must fight to reunite with Eden. But the laws of his world as well as the laws of gravity keep him from her. Adam must risk everything to access the forbidden world of affluence that exists literally above him. As he struggles to keep the authorities from discovering him while manipulating the gravitational force that physically pulls him back to his world, Adam faces insurmountable danger in hopes of finding his long-lost love.


Upside Down will open on March 15th, 2013.

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Saw this movie and it is beautiful, however the plot and storytelling are lacking. Half an hour from the end of the film they are still introducing new ideas and plot points when it should be wrapping up/ at it's climax. My theory is that the filmmaker didn't get the contract for the "Upside down" trilogy and ended up having to cram all of his ideas into the 2nd half of the film. Gorgeous to watch.