Up's odd couple trades balloons for Batman's cape and cowl

Illustration for article titled emUps/em odd couple trades balloons for Batmans cape and cowl

This Up and Batman mash-up art works surprisingly well. Created by Senior Golden Spork at DeviantArt, we can honestly say that if PIxar ever made a Justice League movie, we're certain these are the characters they would use for Batman and Robin. We can see it now — it all started when millionaire Carl Fredricksen got the idea to put tennis balls on the feet of his walker...


[via Nerd Approved]

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That's really cute, and I love that they used the classic costumes. They could easily be going out for Halloween or something! I would actually have liked to see them incorporate that walker of his as some sort of Batman gadget (grappling hook going off mid-fire?) and maybe with Doug done up as... Catwoman!