Up's Notoriously Sad Love Story Is Just as Heart-Wrenching in Storyboards

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Carl and Ellie have one of the great love stories in modern cinema. Seen in the opening of Pixar’s Up, told with minimal dialogue and lots of Michael Giacchino’s lyrical score, we saw two people meet, fall in love, go through good times, bad times, and ultimately part due to death.


Sorry, 10-year-old spoiler alert.

Well, for Valentine’s Day, in a move that’s simultaneously romantic but also devilish, Disney is allowing fans to relive Carl and Ellie’s journey in Up through a new video. It shows Pete Docter’s finished film happening simultaneously with early storyboards from the development process. And even without Pixar’s stunning animation, it’s still sad as hell.

Happy Valentine’s Day...we think.


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I know people like to say that the beginning of this movie will break your heart, but it’s the ending of the movie that absolutely destroys me every single time. Carl is looking through the adventure book at the page “Things I’m going to do” defeated thinking that he failed his wife and that he would never get to Paradise Falls for her. A wind blows the page and Ellie posted a bunch of pictures of their lives together. That was her adventure. The note “Thanks for my adventure now go have your own!”