Updates From Godzilla vs. Kong, Creepshow, and More

Godzilla’s gonna be up to no Goodzilla in his next movie.
Godzilla’s gonna be up to no Goodzilla in his next movie.
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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Marvel’s Disney+ shows could resume filming next month. When Pandora returns, Charisma Carpenter is becoming a series regular. As all superhero media villains must these days, Stargirl’s Neil Jackson compares his goals to Thanos’. Plus, what’s to come on Snowpiercer, and the We Bare Bears movie gets a new release date. Spoilers away!

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Godzilla vs. Kong

Director Adam Wingard referred to Godzilla vs Kong’s PG-13 rating as “an understatement” in a recent Instagram post.

Relatedly, an official synopsis for the film has appeared on the film’s IMDB page.

As the gigantic Kong meets the unstoppable Godzilla, the world watches to see which one of them will become King of the Monsters.

We Bare Bears: The Movie

The We Bare Bears movie has been delayed a few weeks and will now air June 30.



TV Line reports Charisma Carpenter has been promoted to series regular for the second season of Pandora.



Appearing as a guest on The Boo Crew podcast, Greg Nicotero revealed the second season of Creepshow includes scripts by Paul Dini and Stephen Langford, Melanie Dale, Joe Konrath, David Schow, John Esposito, Frank Dietz and Mattie Do with Chris Larsen.

We have 90% of the scripts written, and the scripts are absolutely fantastic. I’m so proud of them and so excited. I feel like going into season two, learning what I’ve learned, I had a lot more fun developing the stories. I’ve written a couple of the scripts myself. And I just finished a script that’s based on a Joe Hill story.

One of the scripts that was written by a friend named Frank Dietz is called ‘Pesticide.’ And it’s about this exterminator who does some unsavory things and he is in essence haunted by some of these creatures that he has killed. So that’s where the giant spider comes from. There’s an author named Joe Konrath who I really like; we have John Esposito coming back; we have David Schow coming back; there’s a woman I worked with on The Walking Dead named Melanie Dale, she wrote a script; there’s also a writer/director named Mattie Do, her and her husband Chris Larsen wrote a really cool script for us. Paul Dini and Stephen Langford, who wrote ‘Skincrawlers’ last year, wrote a script for us. The scripts are really fun. I can always tell if a script is successful if I want to direct. So I’m directing three of them.


Loki/The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

According to entertainment reporter Liz Hill, both Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will resume filming next month.


Agents of SHIELD

The June 24 episode of Agents of SHIELD is titled, “A Trout in the Milk” according to Spoiler TV.



The Justice Society prepares for their first mission in the synopsis for episode six.

THE POWERS THAT BE — Courtney (Brec Bassinger) makes a difficult decision after Pat (Luke Wilson) confronts her about the potential consequences of recruiting new members to the JSA. Elsewhere, Barbara (Amy Smart) shows up in support of Mike’s (Trae Romano) science fair, and Courtney, Yolanda (Yvette Monreal), Beth (Anjelika Washington) and Rick (Cameron Gellman) prepare for their first major mission. Neil Jackson and Hunter Sansone also star.

Chris Manley directed the episode written by Taylor Streitz (#106).

[Spoiler TV]

Meanwhile, Neil Jackson compared The Icicle’s motives to Thanos’ in a recent interview with Comic Book.

He doesn’t want to create this plan. He doesn’t want to have to kill people. It’s born out of the fact that the world is broken, and he believes that he is the only one with the strength of character to be able to change the world for the better. So, he sees himself as a hero, an anti-hero, born out of this tragedy. And nothing can get in the way of that plan. Nothing can get in the way of him achieving his promise to his wife. And if that means people die, then people die, because the plan is bigger than that. And so once it was all put through that prism, he may seem incredibly menacing, but I see him as this, anti-hero with a very, very vitriolic plan, that he’s set in place, that ultimately is for the betterment of mankind.

I mean, one of the things we talked about when we were doing it is, likening him to Thanos, in the Avengers series. Thanos doesn’t see himself as a villain, he sees himself as a hero, and he believes that by wiping out 50% indiscriminately of the universe’s population, that everybody else would be slightly better. He thinks he’s doing a good thing, even though everybody else hates him for it. And that is exactly what Jordan feels. He believes is doing the right thing, even though people might hate him for it. Ultimately, they’ll realize that he was the hero.


The 100

The crew finds themselves on a mysterious new planet in the synopsis for “Nakara”, the June 24 episode of The 100.

NOT EVERYTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS – Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and her friends find themselves on a planet that is not what it seems. Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan, Tasya Teles, Shannon Kook, JR Bourne, Shelby Flannery and Chuku Modu also star. Please don’t screen grab KSiteTV articles and post the screen grabs on Twitter. PJ Pesce directed the episode written by Erica Meredith (#706). Original airdate 6/24/2020.




Melanie doubles down on capturing Layton in the synopsis for “The Universe is Indifferent” airing June 28.

On a divided Snowpiercer, Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) intensifies her search for Layton (Daveed Diggs). Meanwhile, Layton is weaponizing her secret, and Third Class faces a reckoning when he presents them with a choice.


[Spoiler TV]

Meanwhile, isopods? For dinner?! It happens, in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Justice Never Boarded.

JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales

Finally, JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales does Snow White in the trailer for next week’s episode.

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To be honest when it comes to Godzilla vs Kong, pg-13 is fine. Sadly they’ll focus on people we don’t care about. But really they would be the only reason for the movie to be R rated.

The monsters are too big to eat people. Unless they translate they’re roaring into bad language subtitles or have kaiju sexual scenes, or pissing and shitting all over the world this shouldn’t be much of a topic. It’s not like Deadpool.

I don’t see Kong or Godzilla ripping each other limb from limb until one devours or decapitates the other. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if one or the other gives a wink, a thumbs up, a high five, or bobbing their heads up and down in agreement to put aside their differences to join forces and just kill every human character in that movie.