Comic-Con is just days away, but it's not too late to come up with a new costume. Whatever you do, don't get caught on the floor in last year's cosplay. Here's our guide to the best cosplay ideas to look out for this year.

Go In A Group!

Everything is better in a group, especially cosplay. There are tons, and tons, and tons of new cosplay crew ideas just waiting to be stitched together this year.

Top of our list for group costumes? The Red Wedding. The Red Wedding. The Red Wedding. Sure, a regular Game Of Thrones cosplayer could just dump a bucket of blood on his old GOT duds, but we say go all out. Have the whole wedding cast there, and one member with a WOLF'S HEAD on his shoulders — you know what we mean.


Other potential gang busters ideas are a "Hannibal Chow, Gottlieb and Newt" trio from Pacific Rim. Jean Grey School Kids in Uniform (thanks for the tip, Tom). And a personal favorite that we're dying to see Biff through the years of Back to the Future.

Jurassic Park Costumers from Cosplayers.Acparadise

Update Your Look

Rorschach and Harley Quinn, we love you. But it's time to make way for more comic book characters. We want some newbies in this mix. How about someone from Saga, Nova with the blue helmet, or Cyclops' new look? What about a new take on the 11th Doctor? Instead of a bowtie, paint him up as the Crimson Horror? Most recent cosplay that you might not even notice? Orphan Black cosplay — all of Tatiana Maslany's clones together.


Saga from The Mary Sue, Phoenix Force Five from Playdom, and Captain Marvel by Anna Cosplay Photography.

More Crossplay Cosplay

Ladies, you have been KILLING IT lately with the awesome crossplay cosplay (oh yeah that's the Mermaid Avengers at the link). Gentlemen, it's time to step up your game. Thanks to the Hawkeye Initiative (middle shot) you guys have a perfect blueprint for how to create some excellent cross play. And on the flipside, we're dying to see a Fantomex at just one Convention, one time.

Get The Kids Involved

There is nothing cuter that tiny costumers. Nothing. It is cosplay Kryptonite and it is awesome. We have nothing to say other than keep doing what you're doing, parents of these awesome little tykes.

Image via Danny Choo Wonder Festival Cosplay

Mash It Up

Costumers are some of the most brilliant genre collaborators we've ever seen. And San Diego Comic-Con is where the most amazing ideas come out to play. We've yet to see a Smauglock in the flesh. And we're pretty sure if we saw "The Dood" in real life, we would fall over and die. Puns are your friends people, go with it.

The Ood is from Gallifrey One photographer Bryan Gateb via MTV. And Smauglock is via Teenage Holmes.

Don't Be Afraid of Spoilers (Just Don't Be A Dick)

Normally we shy away from heavy-handed spoilers, but cosplay is a different matter. Since the people dressed up don't usually look exactly like the actors they're portraying, there's an excellent grey area you can play with. Just don't be a dick.

Past classics include this amazing Walking Dead spoiler, and this very creative Game of Thrones death scene. What we'd like to see? Dead baby Kaiju, Undead Merle Dixon from Walking Dead, Ghost Jor-El attached to a laptop, Half Clara/Half Dalek, Danny McBride from the end of This is the End (complete with his new pet) and FOR THE WIN Trevor Slattery OUT OF COSTUME. Throw in a red head in a sports bra, and BOOM — you've got Super Penny.

Lady Stoneheart Cosplay by *Green-Makakas from Deviant Art. DO NOT GOOGLE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

When All Else Fails Commit, And the World Will Love You

Go with Deadpool.

Special thanks to Tom Ciaccio, David Fabricant, Rob Bricken and Evan Narcisse for their input.